By Carol L. Duff and Nathan Duff
Cast: 3 men, 5 women, 2 flexible, 1 young child
Script: 40 pages
The lives and struggles of several individuals come together in this light-hearted story when popular radio psychologist, Dr. Terri, decides to hide out at the Pear Tree Inn. Facing burnout and questioning the value of her career, she longs to be a normal person again. At the inn she meets Beverly, a retired school teacher who feels unappreciated and useless and who spends her days reading the newspaper and listening to her favorite talk show host Dr. Terri. Beverly's daughter Lisa and husband David, owners of the inn, have problems of their own since competition has opened in the downtown historic district. Younger daughter, Kelly, is ready to move closer to campus for her final semester of college but has no money to make it happen. Although unrecognized, Dr. Terri can't control the urge to offer suggestions and fix everyone's problems. But the best advice comes from Tony, the electrician-philosopher, who reminds Dr. Terri where to turn for direction and the importance of being who the Lord made her to be. During a last-minute live Nativity, Dr. Terri remembers that life's true meaning comes from God's gift, His Son, who has promised that if we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He will direct our paths. Approximately 45 minutes.
#1533 An Ostrich in the Pear Tree

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