By Scott Icenhower
Cast: 3 m, 2 w, 1 teen girl, 10-19+ children
Script: 38 pages
With the holiday season approaching, Pastor Jack Taylor finds himself overcommitted, unable to take his own advice about not doing so much this year. When parishioner Beulah takes the pastor’s sermon of slowing down to heart and quits the children’s Christmas pageant, Pastor Taylor jumps on the opportunity to let Pam, an inexperienced teen who loves TV crime shows, be in charge. The Pastor doesn’t have the time to supervise her, so she and the kids create a new Christmas pageant called “Bethlehem CSI.” Now the long-loved Nativity scene is a crime scene! Pam takes the children to the police station for a rehearsal, accidentally holding a religious activity on government property, landing Pastor Jack in jail. Forced to slow down, Pastor Jack can finally follow his own advice: “Take time this holiday season to find those moments that will make a difference in your life or allow you to make a difference in someone else’s life. When we reach out to each other – that’s what makes Christmas special.” Opportunities to cast multiple children. About an hour.
#1534 – The Christmas Pageant That Got Away With It

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