By Brian Marsh
Cast: 12 flexible plus extras
Script: 33 pages
It is late December and Mr. Barker has sold all of the trees on his lot except for one - a little Christmas tree. It is a snowy evening, and the lonely little tree listens to Christmas carols that are playing in the distance. All of a sudden, an angel appears. He is a rather gruff, street-wise angel-- an angel that used to grace the tops of Christmas trees at Henthorne's Department Store. But this angel has been thrown out because its wing is broken. To cheer the angel up, the little tree tells the angel about this book she’s been reading: the Bible. She shares the story of the birth of Jesus and fixes the angel's wing. As other tossed out ornaments arrive and are fixed, Bernie, an assistant at Henthorne’s Department Store whose job is at stake, struggles to find a Christmas tree for the window display. When he places the little Christmas tree in the window with the ornaments, we are reminded of the transformation that can take place during this magical time of year- the Christmas season. About 45 minutes.
#1536 – The Little Christmas Tree

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