By Susan Evans
Cast: 5 m, 5 w, 1 flex, 2 boys, optional extras
Script: 39 pages
It’s almost Christmas on Prosperity Lane. The Johnson family can’t get any of their Christmas lights to work, but worse than that, Charles and Elaine, along with their four children, have lost the Christmas Spirit – and they haven’t even noticed! After Mrs. Snodgrass, their outspoken elderly neighbor, points this out, Elaine offers a hasty prayer for help and comes up with a plan to help the children reach out to others during the season. Charles is with Elaine, but of course the kids all put up a fuss. Meanwhile bumbling thieves Rex and Roxie Lewis are making plans of their own. They pose as electricians to help the Johnsons, but are really there to case the house, planning to take advantage of their prosperity. What they don’t know is that Broden, the youngest son, has his toy spy equipment set up everywhere! Broden discovers their plans, but with all the Christmas activities going on, and the fact that everyone is tired of him spying on them, he can’t find anyone who will listen to him. Can the Johnsons save Christmas on Prosperity Lane? With a little help from an unlikely source -- and a lot of help from God-- the Johnson family may receive the best gift of all, their Christian Spirit! About 50 minutes.
#1537 – Christmas on Prosperity Lane

“We had a great crowd that came out to watch the performance. They laughed a lot and commented that it was the BEST play they had seen in quite a while. We even changed some of the kids from male characters to female characters since we had more females willing to participate. I hung winter street scenes along the outside walls of the sanctuary, attached shepherd hooks to the end of the pews and hung lanterns to represent street lights. It was an overall "hit"!” Ordering was fast and easy!” –J.S., Corbin, KY

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