By Jody Haight
Cast: 10-15 children, plus extras, doubling possible
Script: 17 pages
The all angel news team of ANN, the Angelic News Network, are reporting the evening news when a bigger story begins to unfold before everyone’s eyes. It is not the story the angels expected to report, nor did it occur where they expected to report it, but it may just be their biggest story ever! About 25 minutes.
#1539M - Breaking News in Bethlehem
A PrintMaster is a complete script, with permission to make copies for cast and crew. One performance right is included.
The 8 1/2x11 format is easy to copy and distribute to your cast and crew.
One performance right is included.
Additional Performances$ 15
Performance Beginning Date:
First Performance is inlcuded in price. Additional Performance fees required for Additional Performances even if you do not charge admission.

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