By Karen Jones
Cast: 13: 5 m, 3 w, 5 flex
Script: 24 pages. About 30 minutes.
It Christmas and once more the ornaments have been hauled out of storage and put on display. But why? That is the question that the Christmas tree ornaments are asking themselves. Why are they stuffed in boxes for months on end just to be hauled out and stuck on a prickly old tree once a year? As they argue amongst themselves and bemoan their aches and pains from being cramped up for so long, they are suddenly confronted with the characters from the crèche: an angel, a shepherd and a wise man. They've come to tell the ornaments to keep it down as they are going to wake the "baby." This leads to the unfolding of the Christmas story as the crèche characters relate the story of God's gift to mankind, the birth of His Son. As the true meaning of Christmas is finally revealed to them, the ornaments find their own unique way to honor the newborn king. An ideal one-act play for actors and audiences alike to see that under the fun, glitter and glitz of Christmas there is an everlasting present that will never lose its brilliance.
#1540 – The Gifts of the Ornaments

"This was a very fun but poignant reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Cleverly written."
-Juda (WI) Zion United Methodist Church

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