By Andrew M. Frodahl
Cast: 14: 4 m, 3 w, 6-7 flex, 2 kids, doubling possible
Script: 54 pages
Did the Nativity costumes just come alive? Pastor Hadley doesn’t know what to think when he is washing the Nativity costumes and the first sheep pops out of the dryer. Granted, he hasn’t been doing well after the recent loss of his fiancée, taking a leave from his ministry and turning away from God. Last night’s church fire just proves that when it rains it pours. Maybe that wasn’t a sheep he saw…but then out of the dryer comes Amir the Sheep Shearer and Jesse the Angel. Turns out the dryer is a time tumbler, and time and prophecies once fulfilled have been altered. The sheep shearer who came through was staying at an inn within the town of Bethlehem. Now he is here, and there is space at the inn, meaning Mary and Joseph will find a room! Pastor Hadley and his brother Cliff need to go back to make sure the prophecies of Christ's birth are fulfilled. Wearing a rich Samaritan and stinky camel costume, the brothers guide Mary and Joseph to the stable, lead the shepherds to the fields, and find hope in baby Jesus. This story blends brotherly love, adventure, humor, and marvelous mystery, but most importantly, it shows us about finding faith again. Runs about 80 minutes.
#1546 – Back to the Nativity

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