By Anthony S. Cicatko
Cast: 12: 8 m, 1 w, 3 flexible, many speaking extras
Script: 45 pages
When assigned to complete a report titled “Jesus: Myth or Reality?” high-schooler Tom wants tangible evidence, not just faith. Resting for a moment, he drifts off, only to finds himself a reporter in biblical time assigned a story to disprove that Jesus is the Messiah. Encouraged by the promise of a promotion, Tom sets out to find facts. His friend Carol accompanies him, and just as they go looking for Jesus, Nicodemus secretly pulls them aside to ask only that they speak with Jesus face-to-face before printing their article. Along their journey they meet John the Baptist who is currently imprisoned, a man healed by Jesus, a vendor who heard Jesus’s sermon, and Caiaphas as he meets with other high priests in the council room. Hearing their plans to arrest Jesus, Tom finds himself scrambling to save Jesus by spreading the word that He is the Messiah. Instead of getting the word out in the newspaper, Tom is thrown into a dark prison cell where he suffers through hearing the crucifixion. Under the shadow of the cross, Tom weeps in his failure to save Jesus. Awakening, Tom finds all the facts he needs to know that Jesus is real and alive today. He sees that believing in Him changes us, believing in Him gives us joy, and believing in Him gives us purpose, life, and hope. This powerful play runs approximately an hour.
#1547 – The Great Cross Conspiracy

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