By Andrew M. Frodahl
Cast: 6 m, 6 w, 1 flexible
Script: 58 pages
What would you do if you lost your job, lost your home, and were on the verge of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy… yet everyone in your family was already planning to spend Christmas with you? If you’re Melvin Maldaput, you call upon your real estate buddy to lend you a million-dollar home for the holidays. Melvin and his wife Miranda end up telling a string of lies to keep the ruse going. The last thing Melvin wants is his parents or in-laws to discover that he is a failure. Melvin’s rich hillbilly neighbors, Prudy and Pruitt, even pretend to be his servants. But keeping a home perfect with visitors who scrape the fine china, clog the toilet, and bring a crazy cat is nearly impossible, and as the sibling rivalry heats up, the truth could be revealed. With the help Prudy and Pruitt, Melvin and Miranda learn the true meaning of Christmas. A debt needed to be paid, and two thousand years ago God sent his only Son to this world to pay the debt -- a debt that has been paid in full. About an hour.
#1550 – Chapter Seven Christmas

"The audience absolutely loved it! They were laughing from the beginning and loved Prudy and Pruitt as they had so many funny moments! This performance was so well received and enjoyed, we had many ask to do another performance so they could bring their family and friends." -Centralia Faith Tabernacle, Canada

"The script was funny and easy to follow. The characters were easy to embellish and certainly memorable. It seemed that each actor and spectator was able to identify with the personality of at least one character and his or her struggles. Church participants are still calling each other by their cast names. The church congregation enjoyed following the plight of the Maldaput family and would love to know where else their story might lead.

This was an excellent product, and we were highly satisfied. We look forward to working with Eldridge again and seeing what else may be available from your company and this author." - Zion Pentecostal Church

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