by Andrew M. Frodahl
12 characters (5 w, 5 m, 2 flexible. Doubling possible.)
Script: 52 pages
Come on back to a simpler time and visit the folks at Juneberry this Christmas! Things seem peaceful at the courthouse on Christmas Eve, and Sheriff Randy Baylor thinks that is mighty fine. His Deputy, Arnie Nife, couldn't disagree more. Arnie is tired of the lack of action happening in the small town. Even locking up Curtis, the town drunk, isn't exactly cheering him up. When a few robberies start getting reported and a couple of carolers go missing while singing for the town, boring Juneberry gets real busy, real fast! Come join the citizens of Juneberry, whom you might know Aunt Pea, Hopie, Homer Nile, Reverend Lloyd, Oober the taxi cab driver, Betty Lou, and more for a hilarious Christmas Eve filled with small town antics, the true meaning of Christmas, and plenty of laughs! Running time: About 80 minutes.
#1565 Christmas in Juneberry

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