Cast of 10. (2 w, 3 teen girls, 5 teens)
Script: 20 pages.
Kaylee is not particularly thrilled about having to be part of a living Nativity at her church. Instead of standing outside in the cold, posing with her friends in costumes like a cheap religious Christmas card, she'd rather be with her boyfriend. The others have varying opinions, but all agree that emailing, texting and playing on their cell phones help pass the time between running to positions whenever a car passes. Kaylee just thinks it's all a waste of precious time. But sometimes God chooses crazy things, like this living Nativity, to share His love. So on a night like this, He might let a group of over-costumed kids minister a to lonely mother with a sick child. He might even let a zebra escape from the zoo. In the end, the night gets a little more crazy, and a little more holy, as hearts are changed and lives are healed. Running time: around 30 minutes.
#1566 Email and the Night Visitors

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