By Andy Gregg.
3 m, 4 w.
Performance time: 30 minutes.
Janie wants a real old-fashioned Christmas, one that brings back the spirit of the old days, but her boyfriend is too busy working at the mission to help her. As hard as she tries, everything goes wrong - the popcorn balls are too sticky, the homemade candles collapse, and the live Christmas tree falls over. Janie thinks Christmas is ruined, but it's only the display that's failed. With the help of her family and boyfriend, Janie rediscovers that the Christmas spirit is in each of us, giving and sharing all year long.

A PrintMaster is a complete script, with permission to make copies for cast and crew. One performance right is included.
The 8 1/2x11 format is easy to copy and distribute to your cast and crew.
One performance right is included.
Additional Performances$ 15
Performance Beginning Date:
First Performance is inlcuded in price. Additional Performance fees required for Additional Performances even if you do not charge admission.

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