By Len Cuthbert.
3 m, 5 w, 2 girls, 3 flex.
About 40 minutes with suggested songs
The Biblical story of the prodigal son is the basis for this modern-day play. Steve, a high school senior, hates living at home and wants to quit school to escape. His dad, also fed up, gives him the money he has saved for him for college. Out on the street, Steve finds he has friends - as long as he has money. At his lowest point he meets Gabby who shows him the importance of God and family. At her urging, Steve writes his parents saying if the one flickering light in their Christmas decorations is visible, he'll know he is welcome back home. A very heartwarming ending.
#1289 By a Flickering Light
"We were told it was the best play some had ever seen. Without a good AV team (which we have), the multiple scene changes can be challenging. This was a great drama...not too long and a good balance on lines per cast member." --S.P., Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Purlear, NC

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