By Phillip D. Smith
2m, 3w, 1 girl
About 35 minutes.
It is a snowy Christmas Eve at a lonely roadside diner. Hope, the owner, and Darla, a waitress, are working the evening shift, anxious to close up and get home. But late-arriving customers need food to warm their bodies and faith to warm their souls. Rusty, a quiet truck driver, arrives first, followed by Meredith, a depressed homeless mother with a young daughter, and finally Randall, a brash, arrogant young man who's been traveling for a while. When Rusty convinces Meredith to get a fresh start through his outreach ministry, his unassuming act of kindness and generosity affects Randall, who wonders why anyone would go to so much trouble. Remembering that God sends people into our lives for a reason, Darla and Hope decide that they can help Randall find a purpose in his life through Jesus, and as a start, invite Randall to join them for Christmas Eve service. These unforgettable characters will leave you with a renewed sense of hope this Christmas as well. Optional songs suggested to enhance your production.
#1477 - Hope's Diner

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