Easter Plays for Teens

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Easter Plays Set in Biblical Times


Have your teens get involved this Easter.  These shows are perfect for high school students.


By Anthony Cicatko

Cast: 8 m, 1 w, 3 flexible, many speaking extras

The Great Cross Conspiracy

When high-schooler Tom is assigned a report titled “Jesus: Myth or Reality?” he wants tangible evidence, not just faith. Resting for a moment, he dreams he is a reporter in biblical time. Motivated by a possible promotion, he must disprove that Jesus is the Messiah. First he meets Nicodemus who secretly requests that Tom speak with Jesus face-to-face before writing his article. Later Tom meets John the Baptist, a man healed by Jesus, a vendor, and Caiaphas. But Tom finds himself scrambling to save Jesus after hearing plans to arrest him. Instead of getting the word out in the newspaper, however, Tom is thrown into a dark prison where he suffers through hearing the crucifixion. Under the shadow of the cross, Tom weeps in his failure to save Jesus. Awakening, Tom finds all the facts he needs to know that Jesus is real and alive today. About an hour. Read more.


By Tracy Wells

Cast: 17 m, 3 w, 7-14 flexible

Resurrecting Charlie

Resurrecting Charlie is a dramatic “play within a play” which tells the story of a traveling Christian drama group who is producing the show, “The Easter Story Spectacular!”  Its star, Charlie, struggles with the poor decisions and mistakes of his past and hopes to get back on track by learning why Jesus sacrificed Himself to save us from our sins. Charlie’s stardom-obsessed costar Logan and his jealous director Kathryn conspire against him, while his friend and production assistant Amanda helps him see the true meaning of the Easter story.  This play tells Charlie’s story, as well as the events of Holy week through actual dramatic performances of scenes such as “The Last Supper” and “The Garden of Gethsemane” while representing other events as parts of Charlie’s own journey.  As we watch Charlie learn the great sacrifice Jesus made, we all remember what makes the Easter story so important in our own lives. Approximately 40 minutes. Read more.


"At first there was some concern in performing a comedy on Good Friday but afterwards several people came to the cast and thanked us for reminder that it is okay to laugh and there are still those out there who have never heard the about Christ." -- Radiant Life Church, Kansas City, MO

Guilty as Charged

By Tambra Kay Petrie       Cast: 3 m, 3 w

Doug and Jeff Montgomery, along with their wives, and college-student sister, Sara Montgomery, are heading home for the weekend to perform a play for the church's annual Easter Sunrise Service. As luck would have it, they are stranded at a run-down lodge where they meet Calvin Bruzenski, a lovable but not-too-bright "surfer dude" who sets his sights for Sara. To make good use of their stranded, waiting time, Jeff and Doug decide to rehearse their Easter skit. Calvin, eavesdropping and unfamiliar with the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, believes it to be a real conversation between the brothers. He puts two and two together and accuses Jeff and Doug of murder! The hilarity of Calvin's accusations make this play a rarity - an Easter comedy. But the realization of the miracle that occurred when Jesus Christ rose from the dead becomes even more poignant when introduced to a new believer. About 60 minutes. Read more.


Easter is April 12, 2020

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